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gift giveaway winner

 so excited to announce the winner of the first ever                   
            simply love  gift giveaway ...

thank you so much to those who entered :) 

... i do apologize for all of you who had a difficult time when trying to comment - i felt helpless. however, a few of you sent your reasons our way and were added :) 
there were 10 total entries -  all such amazing comments. 

this afternoon i printed the names and put them into the container above/drew:
and the winner was:

Katie R!! 

who wrote: 
Hi Nelly! Ella and I saw your post and LOVED the dress so we are "leaving you a little love" :) Ella says this dress would go great with her new flowered ballet flats (she has a weakness for shoes like her Mama). However, I'm still not allowed to MARRY Janelle Wolf! 
THANK YOU again to Emily Paul - seller of the etsy shop: who offered to do this!! LOVE your items! Her prices are very reasonable, she's great to work with and the patterns are to die for. I really appreciate you doing this..

congrats Katie & sweet Ella!!
... she'll look adorable in one of these cute patterns/your pick:

for pattern names and original post:

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