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thank you

~one sweet letter~ 
early this morning i received the most sincere and sweet message from a girl that i met while traveling to various countries in europe with students from my university throughout the month of may 2006- for our senior capstone- she has been following my blog and wrote about how inspired she is. it was humbling and SO sweet. i truly loved it and it made my whole day... very much appreciated. i know that it took time to write how much she did and it was just very nice of her to write and express such sweet things to me.  

the irony is, she met her soon-to-be husband on eharmony as well and will be getting married on june 22, 2013- just seven days before us... therefore, i know how busy she is- which made it even more special.  

thank you, rachel! 

love & honor to dear miami 
one beautiful and memorable place in my heart: 

some of my european memories from my senior capstone 2006 are below- i miss traveling abroad ALL the time and am so blessed that I had the chance to experience this... thank you mom and dad/all of those who supported me during this trip. 

i would love to go back now... i feel like i am a completely different person at this point in my life- much (much) more confidant and outgoing....
i would live up every single second if given the chance to experience this again - even more than i did the first time! ... and we had fun!!

*she wrote that she wishes that she would have been able to get to know me more on the trip .... 
see, so sweet!!  

and i totally agree... 

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