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smalltown love

~weekend love~

it was an incredibly sad weekend-- where we all remembered the life of a GREAT man. however, it was also incredibly wonderful to see family- my parents, my brother alex, his awesome girlfriend jana, a german lunch with my dear and oh-so-sweet 83 year old grandmother, and lastly, being with hometown friends (who would do anything in the world for me- it's so clear and i loved being with them!) 

... tonight on the radio, i heard the country song from several years ago called 'you find out who your friends are...' which was weird for charlotte because they hardly ever play older songs- only new- unfortunately. but hearing the song- esp. after last weekend- brought tears to my eyes while driving. sappy- yes, but i don't care- i loved it and i love you all and your friendship~ so genuine and so sincere. you are all so important to me. 

thank you. 

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