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showering baby travieso

on sunday february 17, 2013 we showered and showed our love to anna & 
baby lucas travieso~
 we all already love you so much, lucas & can't wait to meet you in april, baby boy :) 

*due to the sad closing of our beloved pewter rose in charlotte- the shower was moved to the quaint and adorable travieso household and was wonderful*

here are some of the highlights of one amazing shower- great job, tracy!! 

my gift to lucas riley... and mom 

bloody mary bar - drink of choice on my dad's side of the family - love 
gorgeous flowers from oliver to anna ... 

mimosas- i had yoga after so i limited myself to one!! 
  it was an 'around the clock' theme - on the invitation, everyone had a particular time - mine was 3pm- bath time 
the due date: 4.25 
(people like me catch onto/love these small details!!) 

lucas riley travieso 

 delicious food 

a variety of muffin flavored mixes - adorable favors 

catelyn and baby jameson 

diaper cake- tracy is so creative and did such a great job with everything! 
they're so cute--- the soon to be moms! 

anna and baby drake - i fell in love with this lil pumpkin

i love you SO much anna... 
so much. 

you too lucas... 
can't wait to meet  you soon! 

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