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shabby chic/porch bridal shower

this morning, i enjoyed the most fantastic and beautiful brunch style bridal shower in my honor- hosted by my dear co-workers anna and vicky- they both mean so much to me and i am so appreciative for everything these two and my best friend, renee, have always done for me. they insisted on throwing me a shower- even though anna is 8 months pregnant- and tim's and my family are both throwing us one with family/the wedding party- and it was wonderful. so nice to just have my co-workers and close friends together- because i spend so much time with many of them and they could all finally meet...
i will forever cherish today and everything that you all put into the amazing shabby chic/porch celebration that took place... 
thank you all. 

~here are some highlights~

love banner and simply adore the invitations!!

adorable little favors 


*the food was SO delicious- and i, of course, loved the little details!
kate and i - she means so much to me and love her ... she has been spending HOURS doing the calligraphy for our wedding invitations and i am very grateful- i opened some today and they're SO beautiful!!

how talented is she!! 
so beautiful! 

 anna is so creative- and oliver- thanks for picking out the 'janelle inspired' beverage container- 
it was more than amazing!! 
 pink lemonade in mason jars 

anna made these adorable floral arrangements in mason jars... 

 we walked up to this cute sign on the porch... 

 mimosa and wine bar 
my dear friend, renee- always there for me. 

 her amazing friend, alissa, who i have also fallen in love with, traveled from greenville, sc as well! 
 anna and vicky spent SO much time making all of the delicious food! so good.

 she's adorable
the amazing person responsible for a lot of the yummy food!!

 amy and i- can't wait for her day - 4.11.14!!  
 this is a friend who means SO much to me... love you, Kate!! 

 yogurt parfait bar: 

adorable favors
 thank you all for coming and for the adorable gifts- love. 
 ... already having at least two kids and quadruplets after breaking ribbons today... oh my!
 ... so thankful. 
 lots of crate and barrel, anthro, and macy's martha stewart love 
she's an inspiration to all- one of my heroes- love you anne. 

 lots of fun with these girls this weekend- and always. 
 my love, krystil 
my role model/big sister- vicky - you did WAY too much, love!! 
she also made my favorite- coconut cream pie! 
  my hometown, miami, charlotte friend- sweet lisa 
 andrea, kate, and i 
 we played a cute game on the porch of 'who said what?!' ... tim or janelle ... or both! 
 porch party! 

 three of my favorite people of all time- all like family to me. 

lots of southern inspired treats! 
 joyner's adorable burlap gift:
 renee and alissa - so great seeing them!
 my crestdale wildcat friends- SO BLESSED. 
 thank you dear friends and lovely co-workers for coming today... 
it truly meant the world to me. 

one more thank you -
 thank you renee, anna, and vicky for loving me so purely and for everything that you always do for me- especially today. 

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