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please leave some love

 some of you have asked about how to post comments to my posts- which i would absolulty adore- and thanks for your interest! very much appreciated. if there are not previous comments, just click on 'no comments' at the end of the post... otherwise, it should say '# comment(s)' -- please click on that-- should work.
i would love to hear from you!

thanks so much again for all of your love and support... 


  1. Love you girl - have a better day today. Smother them with a smile.
    Papa Joe

  2. thanks dad- love you and have so much fun in your travels... 22 more sleeps. xo

  3. Hi Nelly!

    Ella and I saw your post and LOVED the dress so we are "leaving you a little love" :) Ella says this dress would go great with her new flowered ballet flats (she has a weakness for shoes like her Mama). However, I'm still not allowed to MARRY Janelle Wolf!

  4. We love the dresses you have posted on here! I would love to win onw for my 6 year old that is all she wears in the summertime since it stays so hot down here.

  5. Ella is SO excited to be the big winner! Thanks for giving away this adorable dress :)Love ya