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monday morning notes

this morning, i walked into my classroom for the third monday in a row to a perfectly clean and fresh smelling room- two of my students (sometimes a few others) have been taking the time to clean and organize my room for me during club friday/end of the week.
in addition to the cleaning love, they have been leaving me cute notes on my computer and even brought me some 'healthy' cookies on friday - because their moms know that i am getting married. 
very much appreciated. 
helps make a monday morning a little better. 

lately, i have been loving the site~ 
how beautiful is this bracelet? $24.99
*today i went on an 8th grade field trip to the Levine Museum of the New South 
in uptown Charlotte... 
if you've never been, i definitely recommend going... 
 *it was amazing to see how Charlotte has transformed... along with so many interactive activities and displays about segregation and the civil rights movement throughout the south and in Charlotte particularly. 

very informational and greatly enjoyed! 
here are just a few pictures:
they have a mock set-up of tryon street from the mid 1900's ... this was the belk store...
in addition, there was a duke energy display, radio/music shop, church, lance popcorn cart, car, barber shop, and a theater.  


fun in the barber shop

in 1936, FDR came and spoke in Charlotte about the New Deals

love this- from diy ideas- as we dream about summer- enjoy this idea - serving sorbet in lemon peels

fantastic new 79 cent bag from whole foods- perfect for school/home travels

favorite inspiring look at the moment- thanks anthro :) 

how many did you pick?! 
ps: go buckeyes!
sweet 16.
miami memories
 beautiful picture from the oh-so-romantic 
upham hall on campus
engraved over the arch: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." 
the miami legend says that if you kiss under the arch, you will marry and your bond will never be broken. 
... i never kissed under the arch in college. 

one more thing:
  fell in love with this wedding today~
... how cute is the 'because i am in love with a jersey girl' sign and amazing transportation! 
i wanted a trolley... but with no AC - not happending in june. in the south. :(

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