march book club and the easter bunny | olive june

march book club and the easter bunny

last night, i met with my fantastic book club to discuss the book, 'the fault in our stars.' i really enjoyed the book and would recommend :) in addition, when i got home tonight from work, i was surprised to see that the sneaky easter bunny came early... thank you, tim! so beautiful and appreciated. a great surprise- as i begin spring break 2013! wahoo.
so true- love this.

 obsessed with mint green.

  perfect card- along with a poem and our 'forgiveness glass'
such a special gift...
thank you, jess! 

march book club highlights: 
picture source: pottery barn 

homemade carmel corn- such a great job, lisa- thank you so much!!
we left with a cute easter favor :)

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  1. I want to thank you for one particular post and for Jessica for giving you one particular gift. I had my roommate's wedding tea this past Saturday and I knew exactly what I wanted to get her, but the only problem was I didn't know how to find/get to it.... the glass! What I mean is, I follow your blog and knew I wanted to give my roommate 1 glass- just like the glass that Jessica gave you. I couldn't remember what the name of the poem was, the date you posted that blog, but I knew it was the perfect gift for my roommate, so I had to find it! The one search begins. I searched and searched your blog... I think I went through every single post.. until I found it!!! It was worth it. The "Forgiveness Glass". Such a unique, awesome, meaningful gift. My roommate and her fiancé loved it! They are "love" people too- compassionate, understanding and have true love for each other. Thank you for the post and ultimately, helping me come up with the perfect gift for her tea! Keep doing what you're doing, cousin. Love, love you!