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hello spring and 100 days until 'i do'

today was a beautiful first day of spring 
in north carolina... 

*after work i felt tired and worn out, so i decided to go for a walk- while listening to 
the avett brothers
it was gorgeous.

the next two days will be 'rise and shine' for 6am yoga- i want to take advantage of walking in the evenings... when not at wedding appointments :) 

this week's wedding agenda: 
- tuxedos
- organist at the church
- hotel bag organization
- invitations 
- favors 
- guestbook 
- hotel visits 
- lots and lots of emails 
- lots of notes and organization!
- staying calm & still having fun!

my beautiful alma mater- miami university~ oxford, ohio- in the spring
i was checking my 'tie the knot' app today and saw 100 days!! 
yay!! ... i simply adore wedding planning so far! my mom is AMAZING- she is there for me whenever i need her, but knows my vision and supports my decisions... she supports what i love~  she knows that this isn't her day in the most sincere way/wants me to have my dream wedding (which just alone- marrying tim and celebrating with family/friends will be!) -- we work together and she has been the PERFECT support for me during this time. as usual throughout my life, she is never overbearing, yet always there. she believes in me and i am grateful.
thank you mom (and dad! for everything.)

our wedding flower- peonies

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