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happy birthday, dad!!

on march 28th, my dad will turn another year older... in honor of his big day, i decided to send out several postcards to his closest family and friends at the beginning of march. my brother, alex, and his awesome girlfriend, jana, helped me create these while i was home in ohio at the beginning of the month. 
*we had a lot of fun and wanted to do it to honor our dad - there is so much to love about him. 

he is literally loved by so many and there's so many reasons why ... he's genuine, intelligent, always (always) calm, sincere, hard-working, humble, patient, and most of all, so loving. 

... no matter how busy he is- and i know he's busy, but i am always emailing him (it's hard to call as a teacher) yet he is always there for me and will write, 
'i am never too busy for you, girl!' ... 
for he has always been there for all of us- so i wanted to do something special for him!

i saw this idea last summer -- loved it & couldn't wait for the perfect opportunity to use it! 

*we hope you enjoy your birthday messages, dad! 

dad- there is no way for us to show you just how much you mean to us...

however, we hope you enjoy your special messages! 

happy early 56th birthday, dad! 

the front of the post card - memories from oktoberfest, jamaica, cincinnati & a throwback
the card inside explaining the mission :) 
birthday wishes... 
the many years of joe ... or super joe, pops, joe bud, dad, papa joe, wolfer ... 

i honestly couldn't ask for a better dad... 

we love you pops- so much- and happy early birthday!! 

thanks so much for everything that you do for us. 
with love,
the rest of the wolfpack

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  1. I love this!! Such a great idea. And, my nephew's birthday is March 28th. :)