forty days of yoga- DAY 40!!! | olive june

forty days of yoga- DAY 40!!!

today's class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot) 

teacher: courtney

yay- challenge accomplished!

what i walked away with:
i don't even know where to begin... 
this challenge ended up being so much more than what i even anticipated and i walked away with so much... 
most of all, 
1. i feel so much stronger. 
2. when i practice every day, my stress level is so much lower/i feel so much calmer.
3. when i am on my mat, i try to just be in the moment/avoid random thoughts - there is so much time off of my mat to plan, analyze, and organize... 
4. there is so much love and compassion within yoga one- it's a community and i am proud to practice there...
5. most of all, i think i learned that many times in life we use the excuse/phrase ' i am too busy...' i can't do this/that can't be done because i am just 'too busy' ... however, i disagree. 
i learned that if you want something enough, it is possible to 'make time' and that if you are determined enough, anything can be done. even if it means sacrificing/waking up around 5 am~ in the end, i was not 'too busy!' ... and i am more busy this year than i have ever been in my life. good busy- but busy.
 but this was important to me - so i proved myself wrong.   

joel- lovebug- bernard - you 'owe me $10!!' :)

 i always set an intention at the beginning of each practice and many times it was 
peace or forgiveness

i have so much love for yoga one and everything the studio has given me over the past (almost) 4 years! 
i don't even know where to begin my gratitude- i had so much support!!
 thank you all SO much. 
it was an experience i will never forgot- loved. 

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  1. SO proud of you Wolfie! You are something else:)