forty days of yoga- day 36 | olive june

forty days of yoga- day 36

today's class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot) 
teacher: jen

love the eclectic bike rack at yoga one 

what i walked away with: the instructor today said, "i haven't done yoga much this week because i have been moving and i can definitely tell... i used to tell myself, 'you didn't go to yoga this week- you suck... then i came here and i realized that i don't.' ... it's all about coming when you can and practicing with passion when you do & doing your absolute best. 

loved this. 

even more love: the ever amazing carolina weather- my perfect version of almost every season- except summer- my least favorite season in regards to weather in general- i know- i am crazy. however, it's true- i hate the heat. in other words, you will never find me living in the state of florida - most of all, i love having the four seasons- fall and spring are unbelievable here-- yet close to the carolina beaches as well. 
AND it's beginning to look a lot like spring around here - blooms have started to appear, vibrant blue skies, the sun has been shining on my face this week - excited to ride my beach cruiser to yoga soon!! it's so close and i have the perfect neighborhood to cruise. can't even wait. 
lately, almost daily, i think to myself - while driving with a window/the sunroof cracked-- i love living here. this weather just makes me smile and so happy- it's so beautiful. 

just wait until july- it will be 100+ degrees and miserable. 

i'll certainty enjoy this now though. 

our front yard- 'gone to carolina in my mind' literally just came on my pandora station- van morrison
my bike - along with my adorable neighborhood, elizabeth, make a pretty perfect combo...
days left in my challenge: 4 days

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