forty days of yoga- day 34 | olive june

forty days of yoga- day 34

today's class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot) 
teacher: ann

what i walked away with: if you teach with me (first of all, i love you dearly- all of you- you are like family to me) and the saying above- after this morning's appalling meeting- speaks volumes, doesn't it. i was always taught to be humble- my extraordinary dad is one of the most humble men to ever live- too much sometimes. but i am proud of that and i am proud of him, and strive to the same~  which is why i set my intention for tonight's practice to always try and be as humble as possible... 
*i practiced next to a steam penguin and a space heater... lots of heat and steam coming out of me after one emotionally draining day of teaching school~ it felt rejuvenating. 

... trying to focus on the goodness in life-- not letting others bring down my spirit and love for what i do. 

love what you do.

days left in my challenge: 6 days

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