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dotting our i's

this weekend, my plan is to continue to organize and complete a few more wedding items- things are looking great and i am thankful for all of the help i have received ... 
hoping to get a few diy projects done, along with some aspects of the favors- while finally cleaning and organizing the nest as well... wish me luck!
oh, and a little relaxing- hopefully. 
*ask tim- this probably won't happen*
it was one crazy week in middle school- one week before spring break and 
i am exhausted. 

*my biggest goal is to organize ... 
what are your weekend plans? 

anything exciting going on in your city...

i love you mr. monaco- even when you are grumpy. all week :)
 love my city- beautiful charlotte- almost always sunny ~ 
the queen city of the south 
 ... just rated the 5th fastest growing city in the us ... 
#1 = raleigh, north carolina! 
have a fantastic weekend! 

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