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two years of true love.

on february 24, 2011, i went on my first date with my now fiancé, tim... it was a wonderful date at a mexican restaurant called vida in uptown charlotte filled with guacomole, drinks, and intriguing conversation ... & has been such a whirlwind of love and happiness ever since. 
two years later, i am blessed and thankful for everything that he has brought to my life. he adores me ... it's obvious to me every single day and more importantly, appreciates me- something i have always longed for. 

24 reasons why i love you: 
because you have a kind soul. 
because you respect me and believe in me every single day. 
because you are confident in who you are - sometimes quiet in a crowd, but proud of who you are and are never worried about impressing other people. 
because you always make me feel safe.
because you have the same unhealthy relationship with peanut butter cups and mexican food that i do. 
because you never make me feel silly for taking photos of flowers, coffee cups, entrees and books.
because you love me through periods of anxiety and inferiority, never once exasperated with me.
because you turned "my dreams" into "our dreams".
because every day you tell me "i love you" and "you're beautiful".
because you always help me out around the house and take pride in where we live- just like i do. 
because we agree on the importance of family and showing those that we care about love. 

because you always let me have the chaise portion of the sofa. now that's love.
because you take care of me when i am sick- quickly running out of the door to head to the nearest pharmacy. 
because you always support me in everything that i do. 
because you appreciate and love country music the same way that i do and recognize that it's an art- not songs about tractors, mama, and only 'twang. 
because you love and take care of pierre (our cat- who will be making his blog debut soon!) in such a caring way. 
because we both love nerdy documentaries. 
because you are willing to travel the world with me. 
because you let me nap whenever we're on a road trip, happy to drive while i sleep.
because you are a fabulous cook. i'm learning...and you're alright with that. lots of 'friendly's- YES we are!!' days for you. 
because of your traditional morals and strong catholic faith - and for always encouraging me to become the  best-version-of-myself. 
because we can read and listen to frank sinatra radio all day ... it's quiet and we can still feel the love. 
because you're not afraid of pda. at all. similar to my parents/family- lots of affection- and not ashamed to show the love. 
because just when i think i couldn't love you more...i do.

montego bay- jamaica- november 2012  

"so it’s not gonna be easy. it’s gonna be really hard. we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but i want to do that because i want you. i want all of you, forever, you and me, every day…"

"my heart is, and always will be, yours." – sense and sensibility

 all you need is love. 

february 24, 2013 - before going to mass (we love our church!) together this morning

 last year's one year celebration: 

for tim- subway art of the highlights of our first year together...

for nelle: a gorgeous david yurman ring- i was SO shocked- esp. loved the most perfect card...

*we are going to celebrate at home tonight (being at home relaxing is rare these days) so we decided to just order out sushi and enjoy some time together... maybe a little bubbly and the oscars~ 

february 23. 2013 at maverick rock taco 
"it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together… and I knew it." –tom hanks in sleepless in seattle

for more on our story together:  

we thank you- our family & friends- for your support and love over the past two years. our happiness stems from you all as well.. 

i love you, tim!

professional pictures by melissa tuck photography :)

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