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the rhythm of life

today, i want to introduce you to one of the most inspirational people in my life-- the catholic author, matthew kelly. 

*i encourage you to pick up and read/discover the power of self-discovery in one of his books. 

for my brother, alex, and for several of my friends- we can never thank him enough for the way he has encouraged us to always strive to become the-best-version-of-ourselves and for the way he has impacted our faith with God. his books are simply remarkable ... look for more excerpts and inspiration in my 'in my faith' section of my blog! 

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, with my brothers: Mark, Simon, Andrew, Brett, Nathan, Bernard, and Hamish. Having seven brothers meant bunk beds, hand-­me-­down clothes, and never a dull moment. Apart from the fact that I had seven brothers, until I was nineteen I lived what I think could be described as a fairly normal life.
All of a sudden, I began to think about life—and death, greed, fear, love, God, society, suffering, forgiveness, history, and particularly whether or not I was put here for any real purpose. Our lives change when we stop merely replying to questions and begin to ask them. I started asking questions. In no time at all, life started responding to my questions. And as my reflections grew deeper, I noticed that I was beginning to approach everyone and everything in my life differently. I was discovering a sense of the miraculous in the everyday. It was as if I had found some coveted treasure or secret. I felt a fire within me—an intense passion for life and, at the same time, an unshakable peace.
On the outside, little had changed. On the inside, I was developing an exciting new awareness. Later that same year, an opportunity emerged for me to give a talk to a small group of people at a home in Castle Hill, a suburb of Sydney. It ­wasn’t something that I felt particularly comfortable with, but I had a real desire to share some of the ideas that my soul-­searching had given birth to during the preceding months.
Although I was unaware of it at the time, speaking to a handful of people on October 8, 1993, was to become a very significant event. It was one of those events that cause our lives to completely change direction. The following week I found myself giving four talks, the week after that, six—and it was then that life invited me down unimaginable paths. I discovered my gift, and my life changed.
It had all happened so quickly.
On the outside, everything seemed fine. On the inside, I was deeply troubled. I ­wasn’t a sign of contradiction; I was a walking contradiction. The authentic life I aspired to, and wrote and spoke about so passionately, had been lost somewhere along the way. My life was a complete mess. Nothing was right. Although I was still constantly hopping from continent to continent, I was now based in America. Everything seemed to bother me, and confusion and chaos were the only regular feelings I could express. I felt overwhelmed. Everything important to me was slipping away, and the people I loved were the very people I was disappointing and hurting. I had never felt more alone. I was miserable. I had lost my roots.
My diet was atrocious, I could count on one hand the number of times I had exercised in the past six months, and my sleeping pattern was appalling. Physically I was exhausted. Emotionally I was confused and hurting. Intellectually I had lost my bearings. And spiritually I was as dry as the Sahara desert.
The well was empty.
My lifestyle had caught up with me. I was too young to feel this old. I had fallen victim to my own misplaced priorities. I was forced to admit that the general day-­to-­day structure of my life was fatally flawed.
I had lost the rhythm of life.

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