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happy birthday, shelley!!

 wishing my very special cousin, shelley, a happy birthday (one day late!) 
she's one 
of my favorite people of all time - so sweet, genuine, and always there for me.
i've learned that planning a wedding makes 
you realize who means the most to you/who will always be there for you and that's definitely been the case... so, so much love from home. it makes me homesick at times, yet so thankful for where i am from at the same time- generous and thoughtful people who mean the world to me. lots of love. 
*shelley- you're the sweetest and i appreciate everything you do for me... so patient, loving, and kind-  i've always looked up to you and love you very much!! you're like a big sister to me (and so much more!) and wish we lived closer.
 ... wishing you many, many more! 

wolf family reunion

their adorable family at the 2008 minster oktoberfest: 
Ansley is SO excited to be our flower girl... she's so precious!! whenever her friends/people come over to their house, she gets out the ipad and shows them pictures of her dress ;) so adorable. 
shelley's reaction to the box i made ansley was so priceless... there were tears, hugs~ so appreciative and excited - just as i pictured it - so special to me.  

at the lake during the summer of 2009~

hope you had an amazing day! miss you all and see you in march...

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