forty days of yoga- day 13 | olive june

forty days of yoga- day 13

today's class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot) 

teacher: dave 

what i walked away with: i knew that this week was going to very, very busy... however, i think it's getting the best of me and i am trying very hard to stay calm, stay hydrated, and successfully get everything done. however, i am running around so much that when i went up at mass this evening to receive my ashes from father tom, i put my hands up to get 'communion' ... and in slow motion looked up to see the bowl of ashes - then i looked at his eyes and we both laughed and he said lovingly, 'good for you!!' - i was speechless. tim and i are meeting with him tomorrow night for marriage prep- so that should be not embarrassing at all :) ... *then during yoga, i went tired- well actually exhausted- but ended up having a great practice and when shavasana came at the end - the last few minutes of class, where we practice being completely still, i took it for all that it was worth. i often have a hard time being still and following the expectations of the pose, but not today. 

**as i laid there still, with the ice cold lavender towel over my forehead (so amazing), i thought about my lenten promises and the concept of the ashes on my forehead representing my sins and penitence and thought: 'at the end of lent, i hope to leave a better person - refreshed and healthier-
 as the ashes absorbed into my towel. 


We rise again from ashes,
from the good we've failed to do.

We rise again from ashes,

to create ourselves anew.

If all our world is ashes,
then must our lives be true,
An offering of ashes,
An offering to You. 

We offer You our failures,

we offer You attempts;

The gifts not fully given,

  the dreams fully dreamt.
give our stumblings direction 
give our visions wider view,

An offering of ashes,

An offering to You. 

Then rise again from ashes,

let healing come to pain;

Though spring has turned to winter,

and sunshine turned to rain.
The rain we'll use for growing,
and create the world anew,
From an offering of ashes,
An offering to You. 

... Thanks be to the Father,

who made us like Himself.

... Thanks be to His Son,

who saved us by His death.
... Thanks be to the Spirit,
who creates the world anew,
From an offering of ashes,
An offering to You.

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