forty days of yoga- day 11 | olive june

forty days of yoga- day 11

today's class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot- well humid in tonight's case) 

teacher: liz 

what i walked away with: this picture summarizes my day- not so good. out of the norm, it was a dreary day in charlotte and i suffered a sinus headache and a pulled muscle in my neck-- while teaching middle schoolers-- which is never an ideal combo!! ... then after school, i was working on some wedding diy projects, when i cut my left thumb- to then drop hot glue on top of the gash... nonetheless,  i think the yogi gods knew i needed a break! ... for the first time at the new studio, it was very humid in the studio and not hot (felt great though; a much needed and cool break!!) ... because of the condensation in the room, my mat was more 'steamy' than normal ... as we made our way down onto our stomachs and lifted into bow pose, i looked down onto my map to see two perfect/mirrored images of the cursive love necklace (that i wear daily) imprinted onto my mat... it stayed for awhile and was a perfect way to start the week of love. 

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