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forty days of yoga - day 1

on april 29, 2009, I joined yogaone in the plaza midwood (an amazing eclectic/hipster) neighborhood in charlotte ... and it forever changed my life~ my body, mind, and soul felt revived and refreshed when i practiced regularly. although the practices are quite difficult-- the studio is heated and it's vinyasa/constant flow yoga, which can be intense--  i started to notice that my perspective on many aspects in life started to change- i was calmer, experienced less anxiety, had more confidence to confront/overcome difficult situations, and most of all, i tried not to let small things bother me as much anymore- like getting upset while driving, staying calm when one of my students did something annoying, or when i encountered something out of the ordinary, etc. 

SO HERE IT GOES: i've decided to complete 40 days of yoga in a row ... please follow me- and even more, please hold me accountable~  as i begin and experience this much anticipated journey... 

*i was going to start this challenge over lent this year, but felt the urge to begin today 2.1.13 - which happens to be the first day of february~ which wasn't intentional ...

honestly, i am excited and nervous at the same time- in the end, i think it's going to be amazing!! i love being on my mat.  however, my biggest challenge is going to be what my co-workers have been stressing to me forever~ 'to just say NO' (according to one of them- dr. oz says that saying 'no' adds 7 years onto a life and she says that i never say 'no') ... it's a problem for me. i am not in denial and know that i struggle with this! however, tonight i said 'no' to three separate events to go to yoga!! small steps. *i am blessed with many wonderful/close friends in this beautiful city and tend to be on the move - but am hoping that this experience will allow me to build a closer relationship with myself. 

one of my goals in life is to have balance: balance between reflective practices that can be relaxing, yet challenging too like practicing yoga, reading, writing, praying and social events with friends and family, which usually involve lots of fun - conversing, eating, drinking, laughing - also things that i dearly love. 

in the end - i yearn for a healthy and strong balance. 

*wish me luck and please send prays- i am going to need them both i think. 

my plan: 

- attend a variety of classes- teachers/times/types  
- if i am not able to attend an evening class during the work week (which with wedding planning, will probably occur often!), i am going to need to go to the 6am-7am class...  and i am definitely not a morning person :( 
** this will also require me to be extremely organized- lunch, clothes, coffee in order...

- do my very best while at each class & and take on new challenges constantly
- i printed a calendar of february and march and plan to schedule my classes a few days in advance ... 
- continue to eat healthy/take vitamins daily 
- listen to my body 

- stay hydrated

and most of all

- just take in the entire experience. 

today's class: 90 minutes -- deep stretch (hot)
teacher: fauna

i went in with some anxiety after a strenuous week at work/planning and left feeling amazing and very relaxed! ... it was one of the more challenging deep stretch classes i've been to and it was practicality empty in there - being that it was a friday night! oh, how things have changed from my first few years in this city. tonight, i loved the openness of the class - we're usually packed in there - literally- so it was rejuvenating. 

deep stretch is similar to what many of you generally think of when you think of the word: yoga. one of my favorite parts about deep stretch is that unlike vinyasa power classes, there is almost always music playing the entire time- which i love. *a few years ago, during a deep stretch class, was when i fell in love with amos lee's album, el camino - so good. 

a sign? i felt like this might be meant to be when fauna started the class tonight saying: yogis tend to live 'happy lives' - most of the people that come to yoga classes live full, jam- packed lives and are always on the move ... we come here to refresh our body, to rebuild what is broken, and to experience that everything is one. 

does anyone want to join me?! i would love to have a friend(s) to experience this with...


at the end of this journey, i hope to be able to say more than ever: 

'be still & know'  

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