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will you be my bridesmaid?

askin' my maids~ 

It's fair to say that I've known who most of my bridesmaids would be since I was about ten. I was blessed to grow up with genuine, kind, and one-of-a-kind girlfriends- they mean the world to me and I know, in my heart, that they would do anything in the world for me...

But here was my issue: many of my bridesmaids lived several states away. Given how very much they mean to me, I didn't want to just ask over the phone or send a text saying, "will you be my bridesmaid?!" 

*more on the individual relationships with my bridesmaids:          

So, I did this:
be my maid? boxes

for my sister's box- I put a vintage handkerchief from anthropologie's wedding line (our favorite store) in her box... 

I bought eleven unfinished cigar boxes from JoAnn Fabrics...shelfprice of $4.99 a piece. Then, I busted out some paints: a glittery gold and sweet mint color - along with a ballet pink for the flower girl's box

i lined the bottom of each box with my favorite photos of us...

the inside/top of each box...

lisa's box:
i absolutely adore shoes and decided to use old vintage polaroid cards as a way to show each girl's personality - I chose them carefully for each one! This one is for my friend, Lisa- we used to roller skate almost daily as kids... 

tim's best friend, diane

the girl next door, lisa 

inside each box was a poem and candy/items that reminded me of that friend- my friend, katie, and i have so many memories together and used to watch 13 going on 30 several times one summer - along with a strawberry/banana daiquiri and popcorn - we used to always say, "i just want someone to share razzles with someday!"

I wrapped each box in this bag:

my best friend in charlotte- anna's box- adore her - so, so much!! 

renee's box:

ashley's box:

lori's box:

tim's sister in law-- tricia's box:

tim's sister-- kristen's box: 

our adorable and precious flower girl-- ansley's box: 

i added a ring pop to hers after this picture was taken :) 

although making these 11 boxes took a few weeks, i loved every minute of it--- when you have girls this amazing and special in your life, it's all worth it. i wanted to do something special and hope they all loved their 'be my maid' box. 

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  1. Followed the link from your recent post about your ceremony. :) So you had 10 bridesmaids? That makes me feel better because I have 8, 2 of them being maids of honor. I feel like everyone else has 4 or 5, but I just couldn't leave out any of my 8!