a white midwestern christmas | olive june

a white midwestern christmas

my parent's pond

country living - so peaceful.

christmas love ~ 

throwback- love from my aunts and uncles 
Nothing brings more joy than Christmas with family. I've only been home once this year- in July- so it was very much overdue and so wonderful. I was able to hangout with family, friends, and my parent's neighbors - so fun- they're all so great! On December 26th, we received over ten inches of snow, along with blizzard condition winds. However, that didn't stop many from coming over for a night of games and drinks. SO many laughs that night. Although it's January- here are my 2012 Christmas memories.
love to wrap. 
Here's to the people who I LOVE - so much ... 
during my most favorite time of the year! 

we adore pops 
<3 birds
mistletoe kisses

rest in peace, clarence- we will all miss you. thanks for always adoring our gram...
march 30, 1928 -- january 4, 2013
family after church on christmas day
puzzle fun

my mom and her siblings

I love this woman - she helped raise us and is so genuine & so sincere--- a true woman of faith.

they call themselves the 'outlaws'
my cousins on my mom's side - minus james- we missed you! 
they've been taking this picture since 1993...

wolf family- we missed you tim!! so much. 
the meirings
my uncle mike and his family
our cousin kelly is so wonderful! 
the sturwolds
so precious 
minster wildcat pins for all!!!!
love uncle jimbo 

bringing bow ties to the north 
this was a gift from tim last year- from paper skyscraper- love.

elizabeth starbucks
with love from nella - this year i used michael's, etsy, and anthropologie for wrap - all on sale.

go buckeyes!

new toms

friendly rivals

singing to elvis and cheers to family...

thank you to all for making more fantastic christmas memories together... LOVED. 

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